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FACT CHECK: Why 21 Indian Students Deported From US In A Single Day

FACT CHECK: Why 21 Indian Students Deported From US In A Single Day

A group of over 20 students from India were recently sent back from the United States in just one day, causing concerns about issues related to their visas. This happened at airports in Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco. These students, who were from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, had already completed the necessary procedures for their visas and had come to the United States with the goal of pursuing higher education. 21 Indian Students Deported From US In A Single Day

Why 21 Indian Students Deported From US: Reports from correspondence say that these students were held for a short time by immigration officers who carefully reviewed their documents. The students were confused and said they had met all the requirements for their visas and were prepared to start their classes at their colleges.

The students mentioned that they didn’t receive clear information about why they were sent back and suspected that it might be connected to problems with their visa papers. Some students shared that their phones, including their messages on WhatsApp, were also checked. Others said they were told to leave calmly and were warned about serious legal consequences if they protested. A few students mentioned that they were headed to universities in Missouri and South Dakota

Based on information from the our correspondence, the students described being kept in small spaces without proper communication after they were checked. They also mentioned facing threats of being put in prison.

The aftermath of being sent back has had a significant impact on the students. They not only lost time, money, and future opportunities, but also had to deal with the distressing effects of strict US rules. A noteworthy point is the five-year ban that’s imposed on those who are deemed inadmissible after being deported.

Due to COVID-19, the United States has made visa rules tougher for international students, which might force Indian and Chinese students to go back to their home countries or risk being sent back. The Mint had previously reported that these regulations prevent students from completing their education online due to concerns about quality and economic effects.

Reports show that there are approximately 202,000 Indian students and 369,000 Chinese students studying in the United States, making up a large portion of international students. Because of COVID-19, an estimated 40% to 50% of Indian students have already returned home.

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