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Biography Of Thomas Frank Hofmann, The President Of Munich Technical University.

Biography Of Thomas Frank Hofmann

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So, in this piece, we would be looking at the Biography Of Thomas Frank Hofmann, who is the president University of Munich in Germany.

First of all, Who Is Thomas Frank Hofmann

Thomas Hofmann is a German food chemist and academic administrator, Who Is currently the president of the Technical University of Munich, he has been the president of the university since 2019.

Thomas Frank Hofmann Early Life 

Thomas Hofmann was born in 1968, in Coburg which is a beautiful and populous city located in Coburg, Germany. However, Thomas Hofmann is better known by the Family name Thomas Frank Hofmann, and also a popular Chess player. 

Thomas Frank Hofmann Biography {Education And Career}

Hofmann matriculated from the Meranier-Gymnasium Lichtenfels with an Abitur in 1987 and went on to study food chemistry at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg from 1988 to 1992. He graduated with his Ph.D. from the Technical University of Munich in 1995, and he was habilitated in 1998.

Prof. Hofmann earned his doctorate and finished his postdoctoral studies in the Chemistry Department of TUM after completing his food chemistry coursework at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

He was chosen to join the Leibniz Society and made acting director of the German Food Chemistry Research Institute in 1998.

Hofmann served as professor and managing director of the Institute of Food Chemistry at the University of Münster from 2002 to 2006. Where He was selected as professor and head of the institute in 2002 till 2006

He later held the Chair of Food Chemistry and Molecular Sensory Science at the Technical University of Munich’s Weihenstephan Science Center commencing in 2007.

Moving on with his career, Hofmann served as the Technical University of Munich executive vice president for research and development from 2009 till 2019.

He was chosen by the University Council in October 2018 to take over as TUM President on October 1, 2019, replacing Wolfgang A. Herrmann.

While holding the above position, Thomas Frank Hofmann is still a participant of the ZIEL Institute for Food and Health and founder of the Bavarian Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry Center since 2015. (BayBioMS).

He serves a distinguished associate professorship at Bangkok, Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Science

Prof. Hofmann launched the Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) “EIT FOOD” of the European Institute of Technology (EIT) in 2016 whilst working as the chairperson and organizer of a European consortium.

He held a senior position for Research and Innovation from 2009 till 2019, and as President of TUM since that time.

Thomas Frank Hofmann Family

Thomas Frank Hofmann was born and raised by his parents in Coburg. Names of his parents have not been made public

Thomas Frank Hofmann’s Wife

Thomas Frank Hofmann is married with children, though his wife’s data is not currently available on social media platforms.


In 1999, he won the Young Scientist Award of the Agricultural and Food Chemistry Division, American Chemical Society

In 2002 he won the Firmenich Science Award for the Flavour Industry. 

In 2008, He also won the ACS Fellow Award from the American Chemical Society.

Thomas Frank Hofmann in 2014 won the award in Advancement Application of Agricultural and Food Chemistry Award, ACS

Thomas Frank Hofmann Position At The Technical University Of Munich

Thomas Hofmann is in charge of the Technical Institution of Munich, a government research institution in Munich, which is currently growing… The school primarily focuses on the natural and applied sciences, engineering, and technology.

Biography Of Thomas Frank Hofmann

King Ludwig II of Bavaria formed the institution in 1868, and it already has buildings in Singapore, Garching, Freising, Heilbronn, and those cities in the Straubing region.

The largest faculty at the institution is located in Garching. The institution, which is supported by a significant number of scientific centers, is made up of eight schools and departments.

It is one of the largest universities in Germany with 50,000 pupils and €1,770.3 million per annum funding that includes a university hospital.

In addition, it is regarded as one of the best universities in the European Union and among the elite schools in Germany, according to significant search engine results from 2022 to 2023. There are 18 Nobel laureates among its researchers, as well as 23 Leibniz Prize recipients.

It was regarded as one of the universities in Europe that prioritizes research the most. Relevant rankings, including the funding ranking of the German Research Foundation and the research ranking of the Centre for Higher Education, confirm this assertion.

e-conversion (energy technology), MCQST (quantum mechanics), ORIGINS (astrophysics, biophysics, and particle physics), and SYNERGY (synergy) are only a few of the research clusters that TUM has received funding for through the German Universities Excellence Initiative (neurology).

TUM has established various research centers with external collaboration partners in addition to the colleges and departments.

Study and instruction are combined in integrative research centers (IRCs). They consist of the TUM Institute for Advanced Study (TUM-IAS), Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS), Munich Data Science Institute (MDSI), Munich School of Engineering (MSE), Munich School of Bioengineering (MSB), and Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MSRM).

Corporate research centers (CRCs) collaborate with business partners to do research outside the purview of the colleges and departments.

The Walter Schottky Institute, the Center for Functional Protein Assemblies, the Catalysis Research Center, the Center for Translational Cancer Research, the Research Reactor FRM II are among them (WSI) the Hans Eisenmann-Zentrum for Agricultural Science, and the Institute for Food & Health.

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