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APPLY NOW: 2023-2024 University of Cambridge Stormzy Scholarship For Black Students

APPLY NOW: 2023-2024 University of Cambridge Stormzy Scholarship For Black Students


The Stormzy Scholarship at the University of Cambridge has offered financial aid to 32 Black students from the UK, positively impacting their university journey. Initially, the program supported two students annually, but it was later expanded in 2021. Thanks to the collaboration between Stormzy’s #Merky Foundation and HSBC UK, the scholarship will now be granted to a minimum of 10 Black students commencing their studies in the fall of 2023.


Since its introduction in 2018, the Stormzy Scholarship has offered financial assistance to 32 Black students from the UK, significantly improving their university experience. Initially supporting two students annually, the program expanded in 2021. Now, Stormzy’s #Merky Foundation, in collaboration with HSBC UK, plans to grant scholarships to a minimum of 10 Black students beginning their studies in autumn 2023.

Over the last three years, more than 400 Black students from the UK have enrolled in courses at Cambridge University. Nevertheless, there remains a pressing need to ensure that not only do UK Black students apply to study at the institution but also feel a sense of belonging and achieve their fullest potential


The scholarships are grants that do not require repayment and will fully cover the tuition fees while also providing a maintenance grant. This financial assistance will greatly reduce the necessity for students to seek government or commercial loans during their three or four years of undergraduate studies.

Starting from the academic year 2023-24, each student will receive a total award of £20,000 for that year. Receiving this award will not impact their eligibility for a Cambridge Bursary.


No Application Form Required 


To qualify for a Stormzy Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Belong to one of the specified ethnic categories, which include Black African, Black Caribbean, Black Other, Mixed – White and Black Caribbean, Mixed – White and Black African, and Other mixed background (including Black African, Black Caribbean, or Black Other).

Have a confirmed offer to study at the University of Cambridge for their first undergraduate degree, scheduled to begin in October 2023. Applicants can check the status of their offer on UCAS Hub.

Be a UK student and have been assessed for fee status as ‘home.’ Fee status information is typically provided in the offer letter sent earlier in the year. In case of any doubts, applicants can reach out to the Cambridge College that extended their offer.

Apply to Student Finance in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland for a tuition fee loan and maintenance loan. They must have received confirmation of their financial support assessment. An income assessment should have been conducted, and consent given to share the relevant information with the University. It’s important to note that if awarded the Stormzy Scholarship, applicants can eliminate the need for a loan, but they will still require an income assessment from Student Finance to be eligible for the Cambridge Bursary.

Applicants who meet all of these requirements will be eligible for consideration for the Stormzy Scholarship.


To begin, click on the “ABOUT US” hyperlink found at the bottom of this webpage:

To be eligible for the Stormzy Scholarship, you must fill out the online application before the deadline of 3rd September 2023 at 11:59 pm. The application form for the year 2023 will be accessible on this platform starting from 17th August.

For any inquiries related to the Stormzy Scholarship, kindly reach out via email to ugscholarships@admin.cam.ac.uk.


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