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How To Apply For OPM Oversea Scholarship With 2 Simple Steps

How To Apply For OPM Oversea Scholarship.

Have you come across the Omega Power Ministry’s OPM Oversea Scholarship? Are you interested in obtaining the application form for their international scholarship? Would you like to pursue studies through this unique opportunity?

Under the guidance of its founder, Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere, the Omega Power Ministry (OPM) offers full financial support for OPM Oversea Scholarship

This piece will explore the qualifications for the OPM Oversea Scholarship, including application details, submission timelines, and selection criteria. What about the application fee for the OPM Scholarship abroad?

Unlike many scholarship programs, the Omega Power Ministry (OPM) does not impose any fees on applicants for their international scholarship opportunities. Applying for this scholarship won’t cost you a penny.

It’s essential to emphasize that there are no expenses involved in registering as a candidate or obtaining the scholarship application. The scholarship is entirely free of charge.

Who Qualifies For The Opm Global Scholarship?

The  OPM Oversea Scholarship is open to the following categories of individuals:

  • Less privileged individuals with intelligence seeking overseas scholarship opportunities.
  • Intelligent orphans aspiring for overseas scholarships.
  • Muslims from less privileged families desire to study abroad.
  • Members of other churches from less privileged families seeking scholarships for overseas studies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Changing your religion or church affiliation is not a prerequisite to benefit from the OPM Scholarship.

Requirements For OPM Oversea Scholarship

To be eligible for the Omega Power Ministry (OPM) international scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Possession of a valid WAEC Result.
  • Four passes in four major subjects.
  • Demonstration of intelligence.

How To Apply For The Opm Global Scholarship

Applying for the OPM Oversea Scholarship is straightforward.


Method 1: Email a copy of your WAEC Result to

Method 2: Submit your WAEC Result in PDF, PNG, or JPEG format. For physical applications, visit OPM GRA 2, No.2 Greg Ogbuife street, GRA phase 2, Port Harcourt.

Countries Open To Opm Scholarship

Presently, there are no geographical restrictions on the OPM oversea scholarship. However, some of the frequently chosen countries include Turkey, Dubai, and Cyprus.

Selection Criteria For Opm Global Scholarship

The selection process for the OPM International Scholarship is comprehensive and based on grace. There is no favoritism, tribalism, or preferential treatment. Qualified applicants will be directly contacted by the Omega Power Ministry (OPM) with further instructions.

Note: Even if selected, applicants will never be asked to make any payments to anyone. Beware of scams and avoid becoming a victim.

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