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How To Get A D1 Scholarship For Football In 2023

How To Get A D1 Scholarship For Football In 2023

Securing a Division I football scholarship can be a challenging endeavor, but with dedication and perseverance, it’s entirely attainable. To assist you on this journey, we’ve transformed the information into a student-friendly guide with no internet jargon:

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MEETING ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS: To become eligible for an NCAA Division I scholarship, you must meet specific academic criteria outlined by the NCAA Eligibility Center. These requirements include maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.3 and successfully completing 16 core courses. You can find detailed information about these academic standards on the official NCAA website.

BEING A WELL-ROUNDED STUDENT-ATHLETe: In addition to fulfilling academic prerequisites, it’s essential to embody the qualities of a well-rounded student-athlete. This means prioritizing both your studies and your football career. Strive to be a positive leader and role model within your team and community.

CATCHING THE EYE OF COLLEGE COACHES: One effective strategy for gaining the attention of college coaches is by participating in high-level competitions. Attend football camps and showcases to showcase your skills. Additionally, consider reaching out to college coaches directly and sharing your highlight reel.

BUILDING MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS WITH COACHES: Once you start attracting the interest of college coaches, nurturing those connections becomes crucial. Keep in regular contact, provide updates on your progress, and seek their valuable feedback. Building these relationships can significantly impact your scholarship prospects.

EXERCISING PATIENCE AND PERSEVERANCE: The journey through the recruiting process may be long and occasionally frustrating. However, maintaining patience and unwavering persistence is key. Do not relinquish your dream of securing a Division I scholarship.


Engage in Offseason Training and Camps: Participating in offseason training and attending camps is an excellent way to refine your skills and capture the attention of college coaches.

Maintain Physical Fitness: Staying in top physical condition is essential for optimal on-field performance.

Embrace Teamwork: Demonstrate exceptional teamwork skills, as this quality is highly valued by college coaches.

Stay Positive and Motivated: A positive and motivated attitude signals your dedication to a successful football career and impresses college coaches.

HOW MANY FOOTBALL SCHOLARSHIPS DOES D2 RECEIVE? Verbal scholarship offers made during the football recruitment process are not legally binding. Scholarships become official when athletes accept them by signing a National Letter of Intent (NLI). College coaches decide who receives scholarships based on an athlete’s potential contribution to the team. Academic requirements are also a consideration for football scholarships.

Moving on to Division II (D2), these teams are granted 36 athletic scholarships. Like in D1 FCS, these are equivalency scholarships that can be divided among multiple athletes. D2 scholarships, while not full-ride, are still valuable and often more accessible than D1 scholarships due to less competition. Remember, D2 and even D3 teams might be a good fit if you seek a better balance between academics and athletics. These lower division teams are known for being less intense than D1 teams.

DOES EVERY DIVISION 1 OFFER A FULL RIDE? In Division 1 FBS, you’ll receive a full-ride scholarship if you’re offered one. However, for FCS teams, it could be a full or partial scholarship. Research your school to know its division and the type of scholarship it offers to football players. Even if you receive only a partial scholarship, don’t give up hope. Smaller scholarships can still help with your university expenses. Additionally, explore other scholarships offered by your college or university, such as merit and athletic awards outside the NCAA or NAIA.

You can also look beyond your school for private scholarships from various sources like your parents’ workplaces, local businesses, and organizations. Platforms like Bold.org offer numerous independent scholarships, providing students from various educational backgrounds with access to financial aid. Bold.org scholarships are available to students attending NAIA colleges, NCAA division institutions, and other types of higher education institutions.

WHAT’S THE TYPICAL D1 FOOTBALL SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT? In Division I, the average athletic scholarship for male athletes is approximately $14,270 per year. Division I football teams in different conferences collectively offer millions of dollars in scholarships. To cover all your costs, you might need additional scholarships through your school or platforms like Bold.org. Some scholarships are specifically designed for low-income, first-generation, or minority students and can cover expenses like books, course fees, and tuition.

Many athletes miss out on opportunities by focusing solely on sports scholarships. Exploring scholarships beyond athletics can help you maximize financial aid and reduce student debt. Be aware of any rules related to football scholarships, as they may have GPA or other requirements to maintain eligibility. Ensure you follow these regulations to protect your scholarship status when applying for external scholarships.

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