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APPLY NOW: 2023-2024 IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program In Austria

APPLY NOW: 2023-2024 IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program In Austria


Applicants are invited for the IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Austria. All global students are invited to submit their applications for the IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme. The IST-BRIDGE Global Postdoctoral Program presents an excellent chance for individuals with exceptional academic backgrounds who aspire to pursue advanced studies in research within an international setting. Beneficiaries of this fully funded scholarship engage in collaborative scientific endeavors with peers and mentors from around the world. As a result, this underscores that exceptionally qualified students will contribute within an exceptional and highly esteemed milieu in the realms of computer science, natural science, and mathematics.



The IST scholarship initiative is fundamentally built upon two core principles. Firstly, it offers a chance for experts in the field of research to excel, and secondly, it molds their postdoctoral journey into a trajectory of career advancement. All the research projects available within this program are held in high regard. The supervisors within the relevant fields are readily accessible. In cases where the subject matter is interdisciplinary, an additional host is also designated. This institution houses primarily 51 major research clusters, with a minimum of 90 research groups affiliated with or branching from these 51 clusters by the year 2026.

The IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Austria extends an opportunity to its students that serves as the optimal choice for propelling their careers in a progressive manner. It also acts as a means to harness their inherent skills throughout the duration of their education. Furthermore, it directs PhD students to engage with diverse cultural backgrounds, refining their abilities through collaborative efforts in research endeavors. The program also motivates PhD students to navigate varying cultural realities through interactions with international peers. The education provided is of superior quality, greatly benefiting students in both their personal and professional spheres.

  • HOST: Institute of Science and Technology, Austria


The IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Austria represents a complete tuition-free fellowship opportunity aimed at global students. A breakdown of the expenses it covers is provided in the following sections:

  • This grant is designed for numerous international students representing various cultures across the globe.
  • The grant is fully financed and encompasses all financial commitments throughout the two-year duration of the study program.
  • It affords students four distinct pathways to achieve their aspirations.
  • Recipients of this IST scholarship gain access to BRIDGE placements and potential secondments


  • Research proposal of having at least 5 pages.
  • Recommendation letter.
  • A table of complete ethical issues.


  • Available Degree programs:
  • Computer science
  • Natural science
  • Mathematics


Prospective candidates aiming to partake in the IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program Online must satisfy the subsequent prerequisites:

  • Individuals interested in this program can submit their applications within their chosen area of research.
  • By the stipulated final date, candidates should have successfully attained a doctoral degree in any field, preceding their application to IST.
  • A minimum of 4 years of research background is obligatory for those seeking to secure this scholarship opportunity.
  • Prior to seeking the scholarship from IST, applicants are required to have finalized their doctoral degrees.
  • It is imperative for candidates to present a verified photocopy of their diploma as evidence; without this, their eligibility to apply will be nullified.
  • Prospective applicants from the local Austrian vicinity are not eligible to apply for this opportunity.
  • Applicants must refrain from engaging in any activities within Austria before pursuing the IST scholarship.
  • Completion of research responsibilities prior to the call deadline is mandatory; failure to do so renders the applicant ineligible.


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Key Important Information 

The process of submitting an application for the IST Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2024 is exclusively online. Follow the steps outlined below to complete your application. You can also find the official link provided below:

Selected candidates will receive an email communication from IST containing further instructions and relevant details.

Applicants need to accurately furnish personal information such as their name, residence, and date of birth.

It is required that applicants furnish their complete five-year background prior to the application deadline.

All mandatory sections of the PHD program information must be filled out by the applicants.

If an applicant has undertaken additional courses or educational programs, it is recommended to highlight them, as they can be advantageous in the evaluation process.

All information shared by the applicant, whether pertaining to their professional or academic background, should be up-to-date.

Applicants hold the responsibility of selecting their primary supervisor, with an option to select a secondary supervisor if necessary.

Successful application submission requires the inclusion of a project title within 100 characters, or an alternative approach is to provide a 300-word summary.

Applicants can indicate their two preferred planning choices, which will not impact the evaluation procedure.

Thoroughly review all details before submission


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