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How Many Jobs Are Available In Miscellaneous In 2023-2024


As foreseen by the BLS, employment in these fields will expand by 7% between 2020 and 2030, approximately mirroring the median growth rate for all lines of work. This expansion will result from various factors, like population upsurge, an aging populace, and increasing service requisites.

  • Custodians and sanitizers
  • Protection sentinels
  • Attendants for personal care
  • Workers involved in food arrangement
  • Merchandisers and associated staff
  • Staff in office and administrative roles
  • Workers engaged in construction and extraction
  • Employees in transportation and material handling.

The number of jobs accessible within these domains will fluctuate based on the particular occupation and geographical region. Nevertheless, on the whole, diverse chances emerge within the field of assorted employment.

Outlined below are particular eg of jobs categorized as miscellaneous, along with the anticipated growth percentages .

  • Protection sentinels: Estimated growth rate of 8%
  • Attendants for personal care: Estimated growth rate of 34%
  • Workers involved in food arrangement: Estimated growth rate of 10%
  • Merchandisers and associated staff: Estimated growth rate of 6%
  • Staff in office and administrative roles: Estimated growth rate of 7%
  • Workers engaged in construction and extraction: Estimated growth rate of 11%
  • Employees in transportation and material handling: Estimated growth rate of 7%


Miscellaneous jobs are a broad category of jobs that don’t fit neatly into any other category. They can be anything from customer service representatives to janitors to security guards. These jobs often require a variety of skills and can be found in a variety of industries.

  1. Executive Assistant
  2. Client support specialist
  3. Data input operator
  4. Custodial personnel
  5. Protective services officer
  6. Warehouse operative
  7. Delivery chauffeur
  8. Telesales agent
  9. Building laborer.

These roles can be a suitable match for individuals seeking diverse responsibilities and those open to acquiring fresh competencies. They also suit those desiring adaptable work hours or a chance to work across multiple sectors.

The remuneration spectrum for diverse occupations can fluctuate based on the specific role, industry, and geographic location. On average, these positions typically yield an annual salary of approximately $35,000.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) categorizes miscellaneous occupations as those that don’t neatly fall into other specified groups. These roles often demand specialized expertise and call for a distinct skill set. Some common miscellaneous jobs include:

Group assemblers construct items or components by adhering to directions. They might be employed across various sectors, such as manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare.

Other assemblers and fabricators perform an array of assembly and crafting assignments. They could be engaged in creating items like furniture, appliances, or medical apparatus.

Apparatus assemblers put together and set up machinery and equipment. Their scope spans various domains like manufacturing, construction, and transportation.

Precise assemblers fabricate precise instruments and gadgets. Their involvement spans diverse industries like aerospace, defense, and medical tool production.

Craftspeople specialized in working with wood create wood-based products, such as furniture, cabinets, and flooring. Their work settings encompass places like furniture factories, cabinet workshops, and construction sites.

These are merely a handful of instances among the myriad of varied occupations that are accessible. If you’re on the lookout for a stimulating and fulfilling profession, a miscellaneous job might be an excellent match for you.


There exist several job types that might fall under the miscellaneous category, and the BLS possesses information about the earnings for these job roles.

For instance, the median hourly income for miscellaneous Assemblers and Fabricators stood at $18.54 in May 2023. The median hourly income for Mixed Construction and Associated Workers was $17.43 in May 2023. Lastly, the median hourly income for Other miscellaneous Workers was $16.17 in May 2023.

Naturally, the compensation for these roles can fluctuate based on various factors like experience level, industry, and geographical location. Nevertheless, these statistics provide a general insight into the anticipated pay scale for assorted occupations.


The miscellaneous jobs sector covers a wide range of positions that don’t fit into specific niches. These roles are present across various sectors, like manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and education. Some commonly encountered miscellaneous occupations comprise:

  • Client support agent: These professionals assist customers by addressing queries, resolving problems, and extending aid.
  • Data input operator: Individuals in this role input information into computer systems, which can encompass various tasks like entering client details, product data, or financial records.
  • Custodian: Custodians uphold the cleanliness of buildings and facilities, encompassing activities like sweeping, mopping, dusting, and emptying garbage bins.
  • Protective officer: Security guards safeguard individuals and assets by patrolling areas, monitoring security cameras, and probing suspicious incidents.
  • Animal attendant: Care for animals in diverse settings, such as zoos, pet shops, or animal shelters.
  • Audiovisual specialist: Arrange and manage audio and visual equipment for occasions like concerts, conferences, or weddings.
  • Floral designer: Create and design flower arrangements for weddings, funerals, and special events.
  • Handyman: Executes various tasks like plumbing, electrical work, and carpentry.
  • Landscape designer: Develop and uphold gardens and outdoor spaces.


A Miscellaneous career path is suitable for you though it depends on your personal preferences and aspirations. The rationale behind favoring varied career trajectories is that they provide a plethora of choices, both about the tasks you’ll engage in and the sectors you could be employed within. This presents an excellent strategy to evade monotony and uphold the sharpness of your skills.

Additionally, numerous varied professions extend considerable adaptability, encompassing both working hours and location preferences. This becomes an appealing alternative if you seek a profession that permits you to harmonize work with other obligations. Thirdly, Numerous avenues for progression exist within diverse vocations, either within established firms or by initiating your enterprise. This acts as a commendable method to propel your career forward and realize your fiscal objectives.


  1. Content Creator ($75,531)
  2. Bingo Manager ($62,528)
  3. Data Entry Clerk ($35,964)
  4. Billboard Installer ($45,483)
  5. Librarian ($54,760)
  6. Elevator Inspector ($64,624)
  7. Bereavement Coordinator ($55,613)
  8. Flavorist ($60,640)
  9. Embalmer ($53,304)
  10. Soap Boiler ($58,333)
  11. Master Marijuana Extractor ($65,040)
  12. Crystallographer ($67,048)
  13. Costume Assistant ($49,672)
  14. Practitioner ($59,233)
  15. Private Investigator ($56,240)
  16. Hearing Aid Specialist ($57,888)
  17. Braille Proofreader ($53,200)
  18. Algae Scientist ($73,624)
  19. Hot Dog Cart Vendor ($35,040)
  20. Soil Scientist ($61,554)


Content Creator ($75,531): Generate and craft content across various platforms such as websites, social media, and print. Needs a bachelor’s degree in communications, English, or a related discipline.

Bingo Supervisor ($62,528): Supervise the functioning of a bingo establishment, which involves recruiting and overseeing personnel, promoting events, and ensuring adherence to regulations. Requires a diploma or equivalent and a background in the gaming sector.

Data Input Clerk ($35,964): Input data into computer systems from physical documents or alternate sources. Requires a diploma or equivalent and fundamental computer skills.

Billboard Technician ($45,483): Set up and uphold billboards, including scaling structures and dealing with heights. Requires a diploma or equivalent and practical experience in construction or electrical work.

Library Curator ($54,760): Pick, acquire, and arrange library materials; provide informational services; and support patrons in their research. Demands a master’s degree in library science.

Elevator Examiner ($64,624): Examine elevators and escalators to ensure their safety and conformity to regulations. Calls for a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related domain and practical elevator inspection experience.

Grief Support Coordinator: Manage the details for funerals and other commemorative functions. Requires a diploma or equivalent and background in customer service or event coordination.

Flavor Scientist: Invent and refine flavors for edibles and beverages. Requires a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, food science, or a related subject.

Mortician; Prepare bodies for burial or cremation. Requires a diploma or equivalent and accreditation from a state embalming board.

Soap Maker: Craft soap and additional personal care items. Requires a diploma or equivalent and experience in manufacturing or chemistry.

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