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APPLY NOW: 2023/2024 Jyoti Prakash Scholarship Program For Students With Disabilities

APPLY NOW: 2023/2024 Jyoti Prakash Scholarship Program For Students With Disabilities


The Jyoti Prakash Scholarship Program serves as a compassionate initiative established by the Buddy4Study India Foundation, aiming to provide essential support to various categories of students in need. The program specifically targets individuals with disabilities, transgender students, first-generation learners, orphans, children from single-parent households, and promising sportspersons, all of whom require financial assistance to pursue their education or sports activities. By extending a helping hand through this program.


The scholarship program extends its benefits to a diverse group of students, including those currently enrolled in Class 9 to 12, undergraduate courses, and postgraduate courses. Additionally, accomplished sportspersons with a passion for their athletic endeavors can also apply for this scholarship. The financial aid offered can go up to INR 24,000, providing much-needed financial relief to cover their academic or sports-related expenses.

Notably, the Jyoti Prakash Scholarship Program goes beyond simply providing financial assistance. It also guides the students in discovering other relevant scholarship opportunities available on the Buddy4Study platform, ensuring they have access to a wide range of support options.

This program serves as a beacon of hope for deserving students who face various challenges in their pursuit of education and sports excellence. Through the Jyoti Prakash Scholarship, Scholarship server endeavors to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for these individuals, allowing them to focus on their studies or sports without the burden of financial constraints. By doing so, it paves the way for a brighter and more promising future for these talented and determined students.

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Disability Requirement: To be eligible for this unique educational opportunity, students must have a disability of 40% or higher.

Academic Level: Applicants must currently be enrolled in one of the following educational levels: Class 9, Class 10, Class 11, Class 12, graduation, or post graduation courses.

Minimum Marks: To be considered for the opportunity, applicants must have obtained a minimum of 55% marks in their previous qualifying examination.

Family Income Limit: The annual family income of the applicant must not exceed INR 6 lakh. This income ceiling guarantees that the support reaches those who truly require financial assistance to continue their education.

Citizenship Requirement: This opportunity is exclusively available to Indian citizens. By prioritizing the needs of Indian nationals, the program seeks to enhance educational opportunities for the local population and contribute to the nation’s growth and development.

  2. For students in the 9th to 12th grades: ₹15,000
  3. For undergraduate students: ₹18,000
  4. For postgraduate students: ₹24,000

Extra advantage: Furthermore, the students will receive information about other pertinent scholarship opportunities accessible to transgender students.


  • Disability certificate
  • Aadhaar Card (Unique Identification Card issued by the government of India).
  • Academic Transcript of the last qualifying examination.
  • Evidence of Family Income (ITR Form-16 or Income Certificate issued by the competent government authority).
  • Proof of Parent(s)’ Authority/Salary (Salary Slips or other relevant documents).
  • Recent Passport Size Photograph.
  • Confirmation of Current Academic Year Admission (Admission Letter or Bonafide Letter provided by the school/college).
  • Receipt of the Tuition Fee for the ongoing academic year from the educational institution.


How to Apply for the Jyoti Prakash Scholarship Program 2023-24

To apply for the Jyoti Prakash Scholarship Program 2023-24, follow these simple steps:

Access the Application: click and select the ‘Apply Now’ button provided below.

If you already have a registered ID, use it to log in to Buddy4Study. This will take you to the ‘Online Application Form Page’ for the scholarship.

Register (for new users): In case you haven’t registered on Buddy4Study yet, please complete the registration process. You can register using your Email, Mobile number, or Gmail account.

Redirected to Scholarship Application Form: After successfully logging in or registering, you will be redirected to the specific application form for the ‘Jyoti Prakash Scholarship Program 2023-24’.

Start the Application: Click on the ‘Start Application’ button to initiate the application process.

Complete the Form: Fill in all the necessary details in the online scholarship application form. Make sure to provide accurate information.

Upload Required Documents: Attach all the required documents as specified in the application form. These documents may include academic transcripts, identification proof, and any other supporting materials.

Agree to Terms and Conditions: Read and accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of the scholarship program. Ensure you understand the requirements and obligations associated with the scholarship.

Preview your Application: Before submission, carefully review all the details you have provided. Check for any errors or missing information. Click on the ‘Preview’ button to see how your application will be presented.

Submit Your Application: If everything appears correct on the preview screen, proceed to click on the ‘Submit’ button. By doing this, you will successfully complete the application process for the Jyoti Prakash Scholarship Program 2023-24.

Follow these steps diligently to ensure your application is successfully submitted and to increase your chances of being considered for the prestigious Jyoti Prakash Scholarship. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to support your educational journey. Best of luck with your application!


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