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What Do Consumer Services Jobs Pay In 2023/2024

What Do Consumer Services Jobs Pay In 2023/202

What Do Consumer Services Jobs Pay?

In May 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the middle yearly salary for jobs in consumer services was $37,690. This means half of the workers in these jobs earned more, while the other half earned less. The lowest 10 percent earned under $23,290, and the top 10 percent earned over $61,480.

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What Are Consumer Services?

Consumer services play a vital role in our society, acting as the backbone that ensures we have access to the necessities and luxuries we desire, precisely when we need them.

Imagine your daily routine: a friendly barista crafting your morning coffee, a financial advisor assisting with your retirement plans, a quick stop at the grocery store after work, and unwind with your favorite TV show via a streaming service. These interactions highlight the pervasive presence of consumer services in our lives, addressing our fundamental needs and desires.

Consumer services encompass various sectors, ranging from food and transportation to entertainment and household maintenance. These services cater to individuals and families, making our lives more convenient and enjoyable. They are the unsung heroes who answer our queries, repair our appliances, and serve us meals at our cherished eateries, enhancing our daily experiences.

Consumer services come in diverse forms, accommodating different needs and budgets. Whether you crave an exquisite meal at a high-end restaurant or a quick snack from a local fast-food joint, there is a consumer service provider ready to assist, ensuring accessibility and satisfaction for all.

Is Consumer Services A Good Career Path?

The realm of consumer services covers a wide array of roles, ranging from beginner-level customer service positions to managerial roles in retail or hospitality industries. If you’re passionate about aiding others and creating a positive impact on their lives, consumer services might be the right path for you. This career choice is appealing due to its extensive and expanding nature, offering diverse job options and pathways for growth and professional enhancement.

Once equipped with the necessary education, experience, and skills for a consumer services career, you can initiate your job hunt. Numerous avenues, such as online job portals, company websites, and professional networking, can help you discover consumer service opportunities. Consumer services can provide a stable and fulfilling career, presenting the chance for personal and professional advancement. With determination and commitment, one can climb the ranks, securing higher positions and a satisfactory income.

What Are The Types of Consumer Services?

Consumer services are helpful services designed for people and families. These services can be grouped into various categories:

  • 1. Shops and Stores: This category involves places where you buy things like food, clothes, and gadgets.
  • 2. Places to Stay and Have Fun: Here, we have places like hotels, restaurants, and places where you can enjoy entertainment.
  • 3. Health and Care: This includes places that help you when you are not feeling well, like hospitals and doctors’ offices.
  • 5. Money Matters: This category deals with places that manage money, like banks and insurance companies.
  • 6. Getting Around: This involves services that help you move from one place to another, like airplanes, buses, and taxis.
  • 7. Staying Connected: This category includes services that help you talk to others, like phone companies and internet providers.
  • 8. Expert Help: These services involve professionals like lawyers and accountants who assist you with various matters.

In each of these groups, there are many different kinds of services. For instance, in shops and stores, you can find everything from groceries to fashionable clothes to places where you can buy cars.

Similarly, in places to stay and have fun, you can find cozy hotels, delicious restaurants, exciting theme parks, and places where you can enjoy live concerts.

Understanding these different types of services can help us make better choices and appreciate the variety of ways people provide for our needs and enjoyment.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Services?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported an average of 389,400 jobs available annually in the consumer services field from 2023 to 2032. This industry, employing over 60 million people in 2020, accounted for 40% of total US employment.

The BLS anticipates a 4% decline in consumer services jobs between 2021 and 2031. Nonetheless, numerous opportunities will persist due to the need for replacing retiring or transitioning workers. Certain consumer service sectors, like education services, show positive growth, with a projected 7% increase. Jobs in this sector encompass roles such as teachers, counselors, advisers, and coordinators.

Several consumer services occupations are in high demand, including registered nurses, retail salespersons, cashiers, workers in food preparation and service, waitstaff, customer service representatives, maintenance and repair workers, personal care aides, home health aides, janitors, cooks, and food service managers

What Are The Job Opportunities in the Consumer Services Industry?

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics made it known that there are thousands of jobs in consumer services and they also predict that jobs in the consumer services sector will increase by 9 percent from 2020 to 2030, which is faster than the average rate across all jobs. This growth is influenced by several factors, including the aging population, higher demand for convenient services, and the rise of online shopping.

Within the consumer services industry, some of the rapidly expanding roles include caregivers for personal and home assistance, customer service representatives, food preparers, retail salespeople, and cashiers.

The BLS highlights that this industry offers many part-time and entry-level positions. Most jobs here don’t require a college degree and can be learned through hands-on training.

If you’re considering a career in consumer services, there are key skills to develop. Strong communication and interpersonal abilities are crucial. Being able to work both independently and collaboratively in a team is vital. Additionally, having basic computer skills can be beneficial for your future in this field.

What Do Consumer Services Jobs Pay?

In May 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the middle yearly salary for jobs in consumer services was $37,690. This means half of the workers in these jobs earned more, while the other half earned less. The lowest 10 percent earned under $23,290, and the top 10 percent earned over $61,480.

Jobs in consumer services vary in pay. The top-paying positions are:

  • Managers in customer service: $69,411
  • Receptionists in medicals: $37,681
  • Coordinators: $38,000 to $71,000
  • Flight attendants: $26,000 to $61,000
  • Concierges: $44,890
  • Help desk analysts: $51,160

On the other hand, the lower-paying jobs in consumer services are:

  • Cashiers: $21,030
  • Workers in industrials: $20,180
  • Retail salespersons: $23,210
  • Attendants at counters:$24,250
  • Janitors and cleaners: $25,300

Kindly note that the above list excluded food service workers, maids, and housekeepers. Also, salaries in consumer services depend on factors such as education, experience, industry, location, and company size. For instance, customer service managers in technology earn more than those in retail. Additionally, those working in major cities tend to earn more than those in rural areas.

For individuals interested in consumer services careers, obtaining a high school diploma or GED is crucial. Many jobs in this field also require some college education or vocational training. Gaining experience through entry-level customer service roles is essential. Furthermore, networking within the industry and staying updated on the latest trends and technologies can enhance your chances of securing a well-paying job.

10 Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Service In 2023

In 2023, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) revealed the top-paying jobs in consumer service. These roles include professionals like Financial services sales agents

  1. Insurance sales agents
  2. Real estate sales agents
  3. Travel agents
  4. Sales representatives in wholesale.
  5. Securities.
  6. Commodities
  7. Financial services sales agents
  8. Sales engineers
  9. Sales representatives
  10. Sales representatives in business services Customer service managers

Each of these occupations offers an annual median wage exceeding $50,000 and requires varying levels of education, from a high school diploma to a bachelor’s degree.

It’s essential to understand that these are only a few examples of the best-paying consumer service jobs. Numerous other well-paying opportunities exist in this field, such as sales representatives specializing in specific products or services, account executives, and customer success managers.

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